History (Thesis)

Number of words of all .tex files of my thesis over the last few weeks. Including LaTeX commands. The thesis is due in April 2015.

History (Steps)


Above numbers are some of yesterday's quantified statistics of my life.
I call them Quants.
Steps and stairs are tracked with my Fitbit, mouse clicks and key presses are tracked with Whatpulse, the songs I listened to yesterday are imported from Lastfm. If the numbers are stupid, probably something went wrong. The graphs show the distribution of walked steps and written words of my thesis over the last few days and weeks.
This project is part of my Quantified Self studies.

New! My thesis wordcount! I have to hand in my PhD thesis in April 2015. To keep me motivated, above are the current counts of words I've written. A long way to go!

The code to this project (both front-end and back-end) is available at Github. Check it out. There's lots of other stuff there, partly in development.